Our Mental Health Manifesto

Rising Together


Every Conversation Matters

A heartfelt Conversation is to humanity what sunlight is to a sunflower.


Mental Illness is Real; so is Mental Health

Acknowledge the struggle, embrace the spirit of resilience.


Education before Therapy

Treatment helps, but awareness liberates. Excellence over victimhood.


Mental Fitness is a ‘Whole-Person' approach

No treatment holds monopoly. Harness ancient and new resources for well-being.


Mental Wellbeing is a gradual pursuit

Seek, not just follow. Integrate science and spirit for true healing.


Mental health is a birth right

Empathy connects us all. When minds falter, it's our collective responsibility to mend.

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Our Work

At Habify's L&D wing, the Emotional First Aid Academy (EFAA), we are dedicated to democratizing mental health education, making it accessible to all.

Small Truths,
Subtle Insights

Within these pages, we unravel the enchantment of the small. Like J.K. Rowling's tales of magic hidden in plain sight, we explore the extraordinary that dwells within the seemingly mundane.
Join us in discovering the extraordinary stories woven into the fabric of your everyday existence.

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This is more than a mental health company, it’s a cultural movement. We want to share our ideas far and wide.
Choose your way to connect. We’ll meet you where you are.

Have a small triumph to share or a question about our approach? Reach out to us. Every connection, no matter how small, is meaningful to us.