Uniting for Empowerment: Habify’s Inspiring Collaboration with Ajji’s Learning Centre

At Habify Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Our recent partnership with Ajji’s Learning Centre in Jyothipalya, Karnataka, is a testament to this belief. By involving the talented women of Ajji’s Learning Centre in creating kits for our Emotional First Aid Academy, we aim to empower and uplift, while contributing to mental health awareness and education.

Empowering Local Women

Ajji’s Learning Centre, nestled in the serene Magadi Taluk of Ramanagara District, is more than just an educational hub; it’s a beacon of hope for women seeking to develop new skills and achieve self-reliance. Our collaboration saw these remarkable women take on the task of assembling kits for the Emotional First Aid Academy, a project that bridges the gap between learning and doing. This initiative not only provided them with a platform to showcase their abilities but also instilled a sense of pride and accomplishment.

How You Can Support

Supporting this initiative is simple yet impactful. By reaching out to Ajji’s Learning Centre (Phone: 9900 690411, E-mail: sabihashmi@yahoo.com), you can learn more about their work, participate in their programs, or contribute to their efforts. Every bit of support helps in sustaining this vital community resource and in continuing our shared mission of empowerment and education.

Our journey with Ajji’s Learning Centre is more than just a corporate-social responsibility initiative; it’s a reflection of our commitment to make a difference in the lives we touch. We believe that when we empower individuals, especially women, we create a healthier, more educated, and more compassionate society. Join us in celebrating and supporting this wonderful collaboration, as we continue to strive for a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive.

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