Transformative Internship Experiences at Habify Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd

The Journey of Sumedha Nath: A Glimpse into the World of Digital Storytelling and Mental Health Awareness

Meet Sumedha Nath, a dedicated third-year BA Psychology student at Jyoti Nivas College, batch of 2021-2024. Her recent one-month internship at Habify Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd and the Emotional First Aid Academy has been nothing short of remarkable. In her captivating video, Sumedha takes us through her dynamic role, highlighting her journey in creating and managing social media content, building brand awareness for mental health, and mastering the art of digital storytelling.

From scriptwriting to confidently facing the camera, Sumedha’s experience at Habify goes beyond the typical internship. She delves into the diverse learning opportunities that the organization offers, especially in the realm of mental health. Her journey is a testament to her growth in using tools like Canva and understanding different perspectives on mental health across India.

Rehana Anjum’s Insightful Experience: Fostering Mental Health Support Through Innovative Training.

Join Rehana Anjum, a vibrant 20-year-old Psychology and Literature student from Jyoti Nivas College, Bangalore, as she shares her enriching internship experience at Habify Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd. Their journeys at Habifycusses her involvement in the Emotional First Aid Academy and her role in training ‘Enablers’ for frontline mental health support.

Rehana reflects on the significance of affordable mental health care and the pivotal role of ‘Enablers’ in preventing severe psychological disorders. Through her internship, she gains a unique perspective as a psychology student and shares her key takeaways from this life-changing experience at Habify. Her journey underscores the impact of innovative mental health training and the importance of making such care accessible to all.

Conclusion: Shaping the Future of Mental Health Care

Both Sumedha and Rehana’s experiences at Habify Healthcare Technologies Pvt Ltd emphasize the importance of practical learning in the field of psychology. Their internships provided them with a platform to explore various aspects of mental health care and the role of digital media in spreading awareness. These young individuals are not just students; they are future changemakers in the realm of mental health, equipped with knowledge, experience, and a passion for making a difference. Their journeys at Habify highlight the transformative power of internships in shaping one’s professional path and the broader impact on societal well-being.

Be sure to check out their insightful videos to learn more about their unique internship experiences:

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